International Conference on Rare Diseases 2023


Leveraging the momentum for a comprehensive rare disease strategy

“Introductory Speech: An evidence based approach towards the development and implementation of a National Action Plan for RDs”

Athanasios VOZIKIS, Professor, Director of LabHEM, University of Piraeus, Department of Economics
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“Keynote Speech: Prenatal and neonatal screening programs as a tool for a sustainable Healthcare system”

Maria KALOGEROPOULOU, Head Value Access, Health Policy & RWE, IQVIA Hellas
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“Keynote Speech: The Greek Rare Disease Registry”

Panagiota MITROU, Deputy Head of the Autonomous Department of Therapeutic Protocols & Patient Registries, Ministry of Health
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“Keynote Speech: The Research Potential and the Integration of the European Reference Centers in the National Health System”

Antonis KATTAMIS, Professor of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, President, Hellenic Society of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
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Mari MUREL, ERICA Project Manager
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Magda CHLEBUS, Executive Director, Science Policy & Regulatory Affairs At EFPIA
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