Secretary General for Fiscal Policy, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Hellenic Republic

Pavlina Karasiotou is Secretary General for Fiscal Policy at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, since July 2023. Furthermore, she is the President of the Board of Directors of the Public Debt Management Agency.

During 2019-2023 she served as Secretary General for Social Security at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, with active involvement in reforms carried out in pension and social security framework, with most emblematic the reform in auxiliary pension for youth (L. 4826/2021), while appointed also President of the Temporary Management Committee of the Hellenic Auxiliary Pensions Defined Contributions Fund. In addition, she is actively involved in reforms in the field of disability assessment and certification, in particular with the re-engineering, simplification and digitalization of the procedures in KEPA (Law 4961/2022) and the modernization of the Unified Table for Determining Disability Rate, serving also as President of the Special Scientific Committee.

She is an Economist, graduate of the Department of International and European Economic Studies of the Athens University of Economics and Business. She has also completed her postgraduate studies in Economics (MSc in Economics) at the University College London and holds a PhD in Economics from the Universite Catholique de Louvain.

She is a public sector executive since 2005, and she serves in the Ministry of Finance at the General Accounting Office since 2009. During the period 2012-2015, she has served as an Advisor to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance (2012-2014) and Director of the Office of the Secretary General for Economic Policy (2014-2015). She has also worked in the European Commission (CEDEFOP). She speaks English, French, Spanish and German.

She is married and mother of two daughters.