ERICA Project Manager, Leiden/Amsterdam University Medical Centre, NL

Mari Murel, MSc, coordinates as a project manager the project European Rare disease research Coordination and support Action (ERICA)

ERICA strengthens the clinical research and innovation capacity of 24 European Reference Networks-ERNs in the field of rare diseases by integration of ERN research activities, outreach to European research infrastructures to synergistically increase impact, and innovation.

ERICA strives to reach the following goals: new intra- and inter-ERN rare disease competitive networks;  effective data collection strategies; better patient involvement; enhanced quality and impact of clinical trials; increased awareness of ERNs innovation potential.

This will result in efficient access and safe therapies for the benefit of patients suffering from rare diseases and complex conditions.

Mari is working both in Leiden and in Amsterdam University Medical Centres and is closely related to ENDO-ERN (European Reference Network for Rare Endocrine Disorders).